A Super Bowl social media campaign with real time delivery

To celebrate the Super Bowl, Wheat Thins decided to reward the football team's hometown that loves WT the most. In the countdown to gameday, San Francisco (49ers) and Baltimore (Ravens) competed via Twitter who loved their favorite snack more.

Client: Wheat Thins
Agency: AKQA
Media: Digital
Production Company:
AKQA Year: 2013


To track the competition, we created a digital scoreboard with a real-time social media feed. On game day, SF won the honor of being Wheat Thins favorite city and the opportunity to get Wheat Thins delivered to their door by tweeting #MUSTHAVEWHEATTHINS. Through our custom made distribution tool we were able to supply the delivery team on the ground real time address information. We documented the entire delivery experience (and elated Wheat Thins fans) and broadcasted it live.


Team Role
Lead Producer on all social and digital work streams. Worked directly with UX, Technical Director, Developers and QA team. Main point of contact to external fulfillment and video production partner. Supportive role in client management, key partner to creative team.