The Magic Door

Augmented reality travel experience

To show people where their card can take them, Visa Signature set up a magic door and gave them the key. Visitors dip a VISA Signature card into the hotel door, open it and see a 3D build of the hotel suite, stitched together from over a thousand photos of real hotel rooms.

Client: VISA
Agency: BBDO
Media: Interactive Experiential
Production Company: Unit 9
Year: 2015

To give consumers a peek into the upgraded hotel rooms and let them experience that benefit first hand, we built a ‘magic door’ installation in America’s oldest shopping mall, using motion sensor technology.


When the visitor starts to move in front of the door, a hidden kinect tracks their movements so it feels like they're actually looking into the room, creating a parallax effect.


Using hand gestures, the users can explore more of the room.

As a bonus, we installed a second kinect on the back of the door. So if the visitor has a friend, they were live composited into the hotel suite.

IMG_8726 copyIMG_8726 copy

Team Role
Lead Producer on all work streams; Content capture, Development, Installation, Social Content and Event. Main point of contact to external/internal partners. Supportive role in client management, key partner to creative team. Staffed and Managed Junior Film Producer