3M Life Lab

Interactive experience at SXSW


A one-of-a-kind 3M LifeLab structure. An interactive architectural experience full of workshops, music acts and scientific explorations. The pavilion not only showcases 3M’s extensive line of products, but was almost entirely made out of them.

Client: 3M 
Agency: BBDO
Media: Experiencial
Production Company: High Beam 
Architectural Firm: SOFTlab 


Art instatlation´s was created to showcase diffrent materials and invations by 3M.


In partnership with MTV, Tokimonsta closed SXSW interactive week with an interactive DJ set. By wearing a 3M stethoscope that transmits audio files through bluetooth her heartbeat was transmitted to the mixer table, so the more excited the crowd got, the faster the music went. Tokimosta was literally DJing with her heart.


Team Role
Senior Producer on all work streams; Installation, Social Content and Event. Managed communications external/internal partners. Supportive role in client management, key partner to creative/design team. Managed Junior Film Producer