Train the mind. The body will follow. 


What does it take to handle the pressure, to overcome the doubt? Our “Overcome” film went inside Stephen Curry’s psyche as he replayed the Warriors’ epic collapse in the 2016 Finals. We used player’s real-life meditation practice to reveal how the mind has the power to turn chaos into calm, and how Curry’s attention to his mental health gave him the focus needed in the 2017 playoffs.

Client: Kaiser Permanente
Agency: Translation
Role: Executive producer
Media: Broadcast, Social Content, OOH, Print
Production Company: Stink
Edit House: Lost Planet 
VFX: Blacksmith 
Year: 2017

CLIO - Bronze

The Impact:
1 NBA championship
With a well-trained mind, Curry was able to overcome his internal doubts and lead his Golden State Warriors to a decisive win in the 2017 NBA Finals.

2.4 million organic views
While everyone was talking about the game of basketball, Translation brought to light the importance of mental-training techniques and the mind’s amazing ability to overcome challenges.

98% positive sentiment
By showing the actual mental-health techniques of one of basketball’s biggest stars, Translation addressed mental challenges and took away the stigma.